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Darc Corporation has provided quality, precision honing since 1961.  Our customers depend on our reliability and expertise and we deliver.  Our team is experienced and is committed to giving their best on every job.


Our shop is clean, efficient and has the machinery to handle any assignment.  Blind holes are a specialty and we hold tolerances to fifty-millionths.  Have a difficult job?  Need a rush job?  Require a .060 bore?  Contact Darc for all your honing needs.



Precision Gauges

Darc has the tools to handle any job.  Our precision gauges are calibrated to precise measurements to achieve tolerances to fifty-millionths.

Power Honing

Our Sunnen vertical honing machine tackles large, oversized parts. It can accommodate heavy bores and vertical bores.

Industry Expertise

Darc has the expertise to work on parts from any industry: aerospace, automotive, medical and more.

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